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Junk Removal Experts of Boise, ID

Decluttering your property will give you more living space and make your house look cleaner. The Junk Express provides appliance and furniture express services to homeowners in Boise, ID and the surrounding areas. We are your garbage hauling experts.

If you need a couch, bed, washing machine, piano or refrigerator removed from your home, we can help. Our junk removal specialists will come to your location and get rid of unwanted items without damaging your property. We’ll get your living space decluttered in no time.

If you need a hot tub, shed or small tree removed from your yard, we can do that, as well. Contact us today for dependable appliance removal and light demolition services.

We can remove a single item or the contents of an entire house. Count on us to clean up your:











You can trust us to take care of:


Restaurant appliance removal


Office equipment removal


HOA Property Cleanup


Concrete removal


Light demolition work

Is your office space filled with outdated equipment? Do you need to have a concrete sidewalk removed? The Junk Express completes property clean up projects in the Boise, ID and surrounding areas. If you need to whip your workplace into shape, call us to remove heavy restaurant appliances, broken office machines, worn-out cubicles and more. We are your junk hauling experts.

Our junk removal specialists carry chainsaws and other demolition equipment to every job site. If you need an appliance removed from a wall installation or a wooden shed torn down, we can take care of it.

Do you need help removing a hot tub from your property? Did a storm leave your yard covered in tree limbs and debris? Don’t worry, The Junk Express hauls away unwanted belongings and takes on yard waste removal projects in Boise, ID and the surrounding areas. We are your trash hauling experts.

Enhance your home’s curb appeal and make it a safer place for your family to hang out in by scheduling yard waste removal services today.

Get the ball rolling on your commercial property clean up by calling 208-345-4285.

We would love to help with:


Hot tub removal


Shed removal


Carport take down and removal


Trampoline take down and removal


Dog house removal

employees from The Junk Express stand in front of a filled truck

Residential Services

Whether we're removing a hot tub, couch, washing machine, or television, The Junk Express has the equipment and experience to do the best job at the right prices. We are your junk removal experts.

junk express full dumpster

Specialty Services

If the latest windstorm knocked down more than you'd like to handle on your own, call the experts at The Junk Express for expert yard waste removal. We are your trash hauling team.

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Commercial Services

If your office has unwanted fixtures and furniture, don't let it sit around bothering your employees. Call the experts at The Junk Express for prompt removal. We are your garbage removal professionals.