How Yard Waste Affects Home Value

Yard clean up projects can be tricky, as you may have to dispose of hazardous materials such as old paint, animal waste, and shed demolition debris. These materials can attract rodents and produce odors. There are other ways to reduce yard waste, however, including...

Tips on Removing Carpeting

The best way to remove carpet is to start at the corner and cut a six-inch square from the carpet. If you're using pliers, use them to get a better grip on the strips. Be extra forceful in areas where the carpeting has tack strips. Then, use a carpet-ripper to cut the...

The Effects of Clutter on Your Wellbeing

Clutter affects many aspects of our lives, from our time and energy to our overall contentment with our home. But beyond these obvious consequences, clutter also has a negative impact on our mental and physical health. Clutter increases our stress levels, which have...

How to Choose a Junk Hauling Company

If you are in the market for junk hauling services, there are a number of things to consider before hiring a service. Below we will look at some of the benefits and costs of junk hauling services, the items that some companies won't take, and how to choose a company...

employees from The Junk Express stand in front of a filled truck

Residential Services

Whether we're removing a hot tub, couch, washing machine, or television, The Junk Express has the equipment and experience to do the best job at the right prices. We are your junk removal experts.

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Specialty Services

If the latest windstorm knocked down more than you'd like to handle on your own, call the experts at The Junk Express for expert yard waste removal. We are your trash hauling team.

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Commercial Services

If your office has unwanted fixtures and furniture, don't let it sit around bothering your employees. Call the experts at The Junk Express for prompt removal. We are your garbage removal professionals.