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• Garage Clean Up

• Basement Clean Outs

• Attic Storage Removal

• Bedroom Furniture Hauling

• Estate Clean Ups

• Yard Debris Removal


    • Restaurant Appliances

    • Office Equipment

    • Tenant Cleanup

    • HOA Prop. Cleanup

    • Concrete Removal

    • Light Demolition

    Professional Hauling & Junk Removal



    Is your garage full of broken or unwanted appliances and furniture?  Do you need a fast, reliable junk hauling service?  The Junk Express is a full-service junk removal company located in Boise, ID and surrounding areas.

    If you need a hot tub, couch, television or washing machine hauled away from your home, we have the equipment and experience to do it. We’ll come to your home with a junk removal crew and truck to get rid of your unwanted furniture, appliances and trash in a timely manner.

    Do you need broken office equipment removed from your workplace? Count on us to load up your old office equipment and fixtures and remove them from your place of business. We can take on your concrete removal, light demolition and property cleanup projects, as well.

    Last but not least, don’t neglect your yard.  If a storm has covered your property with tree limbs and debris, we’ll get it tidied up right away. Call 208-345-4285 today for yard waste removal and junk hauling service.

    Junk removal | Junk hauling services | Furniture removal | Appliance removal | Property cleanup | Office equipment removal | Hot tub removal | Yard waste removal

    We make your house or office look and feel brand new.

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    Professional Hauling & Junk Removal

    The Junk Express is a full-service junk hauling company serving Boise, ID and surrounding areas. We are your garbage hauling and trash hauling experts. We clean and toss used furniture, appliances, old office equipment and fixtures, and even tree limbs and yard debris after stormy weather.  Don’t wait, call the experts at The Junk Express today!


    Your Yard Looks Brand New

    Enjoy compliments from your friends and neighbors as they marvel at the quality of clean from The Junk Express.


    Declutter Your Home

    Decluttering your property will give you more living space and make your house look cleaner. The Junk Express provides appliance and furniture express services to homeowners in the Boise, ID and surrounding areas.


    Office Equipment Removal

    Is your office space filled with outdated equipment? The Junk Express completes office clean up projects in the Boise, ID and surrounding areas.

    employees from The Junk Express stand in front of a filled truck

    Residential Services

    Whether we're removing a hot tub, couch, washing machine, or television, The Junk Express has the equipment and experience to do the best job at the right prices. We are your junk removal experts.

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    Specialty Services

    If the latest windstorm knocked down more than you'd like to handle on your own, call the experts at The Junk Express for expert yard waste removal. We are your trash hauling team.

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    Commercial Services

    If your office has unwanted fixtures and furniture, don't let it sit around bothering your employees. Call the experts at The Junk Express for prompt removal. We are your garbage removal professionals.